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When MWM was launched eleven years ago, it was with a clear purpose and vision to help our clients navigate a very challenging market environment in 2008 and 2009. Many things have evolved in the marketplace since then that are without precedent in financial market history. Some evolution has been necessary on our part as well. We are motivated more than ever to serve you well, and I have aligned a number of critical resources to do that in this and future market environments.

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McAlvany Wealth Management, LLC

Is an SEC-registered investment advisor located in Durango, Colorado. Through its client focused, customized approach, MWM is committed to providing independent, well-researched, objective advice, and investment professionalism. At MWM, our client commitment is to preserve capital, manage risk, and grow your assets in an ever-changing global environment.

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Weekly Hard Assets Insights

Hard Assets Insights – June 14, 2019

Weekly Hard Assets Insights By David McAlvany It has been a dichotomous environment for hard assets securities.  On one hand, because of the toll that the threat of escalating tariff wars has taken on the broader markets recently as [...]

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Credit Bubble Daily

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Credit Bubble Weekly

June 14, 2019: Q1 2019 Z.1 “Flow of Funds”

Total Non-Financial Debt (NFD) expanded (nominal) $721 billion (strongest growth since Q2 ’18) during the quarter to a record $52.579 TN. NFD expanded $2.504 TN, or 5.0%, year-on-year. For perspective, annual NFD growth averaged $1.602 TN over the decade 2008-2017. […]

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