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Multiplier – Volatility/Very High Returns

Accumulator – Moderate Volatility/Solid Growth

Protector – Low Volatility/Capital Preservation

Strategic – Diversified/Managed Risk

Depending on a client’s objectives and profile, we implement a portfolio allocation,
based on the MAPS modules.
  • Allocation of your funds into one of four investment portfolios, ‘Multiplier’ ‘Accumulator’ ‘Protector’ or ‘Strategic’
  • Continuous review of financial market events and trends by our research team to ensure optimal portfolio composition
  • Personal client service through our client relationship management team
  • Annual client briefing, to which all clients are invited
  • Individual portfolio consultation in our MWM offices in Durango or in regional client conferences
  • Semi-annual written reviews of your portfolio with outlooks for the ensuing period
  • Ability for you to view electronically the value of your MWM portfolio, through the client’s exclusive access
  • Cash account privileges, which enable you to:
    • Set up ACH to/from your local bank account
    • Make wire transfers from your account (one per month for free)
    • Obtain a debit card
    • Receive Quarterly statements and review Monthly statements online

Fees and Account Features

The annual fee for investment supervisory services will be charged as a percentage of assets under management, according to the schedule below:

Assets Under Management

$350,000 – $749,999
$750,000 – $1,249,999
$1,250,000 – $3,499,999
$3,500,000 – $5,999,999
$6,000,000 – $10,000,000

Annual Fee (Charged Quarterly in Advanced)


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