Alternative Investments 

  Loss of purchasing power of money caused by growth of the amount of money in circulation and reflected in a rise in prices without a proportionate increase in value of the things purchased (Webster’s online dictionary).

As the currencies of the world economic powers (G20) seem to be in a global race to the bottom in an attempt to devalue their currency to bolster their own GDP, the
ultimate result is INFLATION.  Our dollar is facing an incredible decrease in purchasing power and we all are feeling it.  We are feeling it at the gas pump, the grocery store, the hardware store, and worse of all in our investment portfolios.  We at McAlvany Wealth Management, LLLP believe that we may be seeing the beginning of an intense inflationary period.  The portfolio that several years ago was positioned to take care of you in your retirement years or even be a legacy for the next generation, may already be in jeopardy, and conditions could be worsening.

At McAlvany Wealth Management, LLLP we understand how the havoc of an inflationary economic environment can affect your hard earned assets.  We also understand the economic, financial, and political circumstances which can drive inflation.  Our portfolio investment strategies are researched and designed to best take advantage of dynamic present and future global economic trends, allowing you to have the peace of mind that your present and future are being well cared for. Please request our complimentary MWM brochure.

* This information should not be construed as investment advice or a recommendation to buy or sell any security or investment product.